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Monthly art subscription box to help you deal with modern problems

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Hello and welcome to the CathARTic Club!

We are an art supply subscription box by Australians, for our Australian and New Zealand communities! ⁠

Each month after signing up, we will have a new and exciting art medium for you to try out and make your own complete work of art! ⁠⁠We will also have a featured Australian or New Zealander artist with an A5 print of their work for you hang up on your walls and information about where to find them.

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What's in the Box?

Art supplies - paint, pencils, pens, markers, clay (depending on what is featured that month). A surface - Paper, canvas, board (best suited to that medium). Tools - brushes, cutting tools, blending stumps, etc. An artist’s print and information about that artist and where to find them for more. A prompt, and itemised list of everything in the box. So, with each box you will be able to create a complete work of art.

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Monthly Subscription Box

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