Adrian Bishop - Nov 2020

Adrian Bishop

Based in Sydney

Mediums: Acrylic, Digital, Sculpture


I am the creator of CathARTic and I am so excited to be able to share this all with you.

I went to university to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Theatre, and so I am actually a trained Lighting Technician.  I grew up making art for much of my life, beginning with pencil sketches and miniature sculpture.

I stopped creating throughout my teenage years, but in recent years I began using paints as a casual hobby and it became very therapeutic between uni assignments. It was never about the finished product, but instead how I felt in each brushstroke and watching different mediums like ink and watercolour spread across the page. I then decided to take a ceramics class as one of my electives and I fell in love with making art all over again.

I want people to be able to go through that same therapeutic and nostalgic feeling and being able to fall in (or back into) love with art using CathARTic.

Where you can find me.

Instagram: @adriansallsorts

Facebook: adriansallsorts