Catherine Marion - Dec 2020


Catherine Marion 


Taranaki, New Zealand 

Art medium used in your practice:  

Digital (Procreate, Adobe Fresco, Illustrator, Photoshop) 

A short, approximately 150 word bio, about you and your work. Include anything you find inter esting. Eg, full-time job if not an artist, how long you have been practicing art, what you studied  and where (if you did), what pets you have, anything you like!: 

I was born in the French province of Quebec, Canada. I lived in the South of France when I was  at university and also moved to Scotland for a few years after that. I now reside in the beautiful  Taranaki region of New Zealand at the base of a volcano. I live on a lovely little farmhouse where  I grow my own veggies and keep a few free range chickens. I studied fine art in CEGEP back  in Canada, which is between high school and university. I then switched to graphic design and  obtained a bachelor’s degree in that field. I call my style Folk Art, which is for me the idea of  reconnecting people to the beauty of nature. In essence, it is a conversation between nature and  people. I hope that when looking at my artwork you can recognise a bird or flower and connect it  back to a memory of your own. It follows the idea that nature is intrinsically a part, in one way or  another, of everyone’s life and memories. 

Any social media to find your work:  

Instagram @folkloreandflora 

Any websites to find your work: 

Any galleries your work is, has been or will be in: 

Previously was at the Quirky Fox Gallery in Hawera, Taranaki 

Any art classes you conduct and where to find them 

Sorry, nothing for now! Maybe one day :)