Jimena Garcia - Jan 2021


Jimena Garcia (LittlCrow)


Sydney, Australia

Art medium used:

I love to use a variety of mediums so I can easily move from watercolours, gouache, mixed media and then combine it all with some digital media.


I’m a Bolivian-born artist based in Sydney, Australia! Ever since I arrived in Australia as a little girl I’ve loved the beautiful flowers, birds and animals we’re all surrounded by here. Especially here in Sydney our everyday experience is full of beauty and life – that’s why I like to say that LittlCrow ‘brings a smile to the everyday!’ So I’m always trying to fill my work up with the bold, vibrant, joyous life all around us. 

And as a self-taught artist with a scientific background, experimentation with colour and form is where I feel most comfortable (closely followed by patting other peoples’ dogs)! So I hope you enjoy my work, and that it adds a little colour and fun to your day.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littl_crow/  

Websites: https://littlcrow.com/

Where you can get more: Check my website for updates on the Skillshare class I’m creating, where I’ll be teaching creative techniques for making beautiful art (and I also have free calendars and planners to download every month!)