Juliana Dessy - March 2021

Juliana Dessy

Auckland, New Zealand.

Mixed Media (canvas, paper, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, pen)


I was born and raised in Argentina in a big family and have been an artist since before I can remember. My grandmother introduced me to pencils and that became my everyday activity. As a teenager I used art as my grounding catharsis and driving force through difficult times. Even though my creative journey isn't new and for a long time I thought of my work as a vulnerable baby needing protection, I do feel like I am reinventing myself every time I explore a new painting, and that the new versions of me deserve to be witnessed in full. So I have gathered the courage to call myself an artist and to show my work to the rest of the world. It has been a transformative journey of getting rid of cultural conditioning and self-beliefs, strengthening my self-esteem and loving myself in the process. 


You can find more of my work on Instagram: @juliana.dessy or Facebook: /juliana.dessy.art

Website for my current work for sale is www.jussy-art.com

I am currently offering "Creative Flow" sessions, which is a space where we join on a healing journey of reflection, embodiment and expression. We reflect and embody a different emotion each session, to then let the emotion be the creative drive of a new art piece.