Mandy Marks - April 2021

Name: Mandy Marks (AKA Love Mandy M)

Location: Newcastle

Art medium: Mixed Media, specialises in Water colour, ink and Pastel

A5 fine art print price (2020) : $15

Mandy Marks (AKA Love Mandy M) started sharing and selling her creations in 2018 after her Animal Science career was cut short due to illness. After being diagnosed with a chronic health condition, she has combined her creative nature with her passion for the natural world to create whimsical art and craft works that reflect her process of healing. 

Finding peace and happiness through her artistic journey, Mandy invites and encourages her audience to do the same.  Mandy’s work is mostly self taught and she loves learning through experimentation with different techniques. She specialises in Watercolour, ink and pastel paintings but she is always looking for new ways to combine media to express her life adventures.