Mellissa Read-Devine - May 2021

Name: Mellissa Read-Devine
Location: Sydney, Australia
Medium: Acrylic paint
Mellissa was born in England and as a child
emigrated to Australia with her family.
Having lived in Melbourne, Canberra,
Townsville, and Darwin, she now lives locally
by the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney.
Since the 90’s she has continuously studied
and practised painting and printmaking
honing her art to vibrant optimistic harmony
with the natural landscape.
The recipient of many Australian art prizes,
Mellissa’s style is distinctive with her electric
palette and layered application of brush
strokes. Mellissa’s paintings have evolved
into her “macropointilist” style celebrating
the shape, colour and brushstroke of
contemporary impressionism. These
characteristics come together presenting
unique representations sought after by both
Australian and international collectors alike.
A Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW,
Mellissa is also a fine art tutor and travels to
teach art enrichment workshops around the world.
Instagram: @readdevine