April 2022 Box - Watercolour Pencils

April 2022 Box - Watercolour Pencils

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5x Derwent Watercolour Pencils

Derwent Watercolour Pencils are the perfect introduction to watercolour pencils. Enjoy a watercolour painting effect with the precise control of a pencil which has been manufactured with high quality pigments for superb colour purity and lightfastness.

The soft, smooth texture of Derwent Watercolour Pencils lays down colour beautifully when they are used dry and makes them easy to layer and blend. To create a watercolour painting effect, use them wet or apply water on top of your dry colour to blend your layers.

There are many ways to use them wet. One technique is colouring on a separate piece of paper and wetting it down, getting pigment onto your brush and painting it on your page like a regular watercolour paint. This will be a very light application, but can be made darker with less water. The next technique is dipping your pencil in water and drawing it across the page. Remember to let your pencil fully dry out before putting it away. You can also touch your wet paint brush directly to the lead of the pencil and paint directly onto the page from there. Also remember to fully dry the lead when finished.

Ideal for painting, drawing and mixed media, get the best results from your Derwent Watercolour Pencil by using medium-heavy weight drawing paper or watercolour paper. They are not permanent when dry, you can easily reactivate the colour by rewetting your layers.

The Paper House Valero Mixed Media Paper 200gsm

The Paper House Valero Mixed Media Pad has a medium texture, making it a versatile pad that is suitable for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Though it has been designed for watercolours, this pad is also perfect for a wide variety of applications including acrylic, gouache, markers, inks, charcoals, and pencils.

The 200gsm weight and sizing of this European paper makes it suitable for repeated washes, allowing artists to use watercolour and acrylic paints with this pad without fearing it will buckle or scratch.

The Paper House Valero Mixed Media is a great choice for beginners and students to experiment with different mediums and techniques, as there is plenty of room for trial and error.

The paper in these mixed media pads is acid-free and FSC certified.

Water Brush

For any artist on the go, the Water Brushes are an indispensable item to add to your creative tool kit.

Multi-purpose empty brush pen easily refillable with water or the ink colour of your choice.

These pens feature a synthetic brush head to minimise fraying.

Fill with colour to add that final touch of a flowing sketch line to your artworks or create original pieces of scriptwriting.

Fill with water to blend watercolours or use over water-soluble pencils and other re-wettable media.


And an A5 art print by Parika Mahajan.