January Box 2022 - Sumi Ink

January Box 2022 - Sumi Ink

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Sumi ink 6 piece set

Silk covered box set included:

2x brushes

Grinding stone And Ink Stick

To use the grinding stone, you must use a few drops of water (a little bit is enough) on the pot and grind the tip of the ink stick in a circular motion in with the water, this will take a few minutes. Use the brush to collect some ink and paint onto some paper and see if you need to grind the ink more for darker ink, or add more water for lighter ink. By adding more or less water you can control how opaque or translucent your ink is for different effects.


 The pitcher is great for holding water to add to your ink or you can also use it to hold your ink while you make another colour on the stone. And to use the little gold stone to transfer either small amounts of water to the grinding stone and ink or to transfer ink from the grinding stone into the pitcher.



Originally created for Asian style ink painting, 'Bamboo Sumi' highlights the expressive brushwork and 'bleed' of traditional ink painting. This paper is wonderfully soft and sensual to the touch and also works with other painting and drawing mediums. Each pad has interleaf pages placed between sheets to prevent any bleed-through. 'Bamboo Sumi' is 70% bamboo + 30% recycled kozo pulp - acid-free, and made exclusively at Awagami.