May 2022 box - Lino Printing
May 2022 box - Lino Printing
May 2022 box - Lino Printing
May 2022 box - Lino Printing

May 2022 box - Lino Printing

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The Derivan Block Ink Lino Printing Kit

Enter the exciting world of block printing with this great value lino printing kit. This kit gives you everything you need to get started. Carve into the lino from your own drawing or tracing and make your own individual printing block - so simple that anyone can do it. Make multiple images from your own unique design using the paper of your choice. Print your own personally designed Christmas cards, or greeting cards for any time of year. Lino printing is a fun activity that all the family can join in (though younger children should not handle the cutting tools, and an adult should be present at all times).

Printmaking gets you thinking creatively - you’ll be proud of the art works you produce with this kit!

The Derivan Block Ink Lino Printing Kit includes:

1x 50ml tube black Ink

10cm hard rubber roller

6 piece carving tool set

double sided lino tile 15x11cm

plastic palette knife for mixing

Derivan soft Carve 

takes all the hard work out of carving relief prints. Smooth, flexible and durable rubber block perfect for carving into with your Lino tools. This alternative carving substrate is ideal for beginners and hobbyists. Cut with ease detailed and intricate work. 

Thick and double-sided so you can create two separate relief and stamping designs that you can print using block printing or fabric inks. 

Suitable for water-soluble inks only.

The Paper House Layflat Visual Journal

Filled with 20 sheets of 105gsm cartridge paper with sturdy cardboard cover 

Layflat format allows you to work seamlessly across 2 pages

Comes in both Portrait & Landscape format in size A5.


And an A5 print by Rachel Roberts.